Teen Drivers

What’s a mother or father to do when their child becomes a teenager and wants to learn how to drive? Parents, be prepared, have them take driver’s education and hope that they can maintain an A or B average.  These for the two best ways to reduce overall sticker shock when you go to add your teenager. Rates will more than likely go up $150 – $200 / month.

Teenagers are the most likely to have auto accidents, they are inexperienced and many cities have complex driving patterns and with under developed reflexes and not too much knowledge of the road, accidents happen. Merging into traffic on a highway and making left-hand turns across oncoming traffic can be very complex maneuvers.  Not surprisingly, teenagers have the highest crash ratio of any group in the US.

Some factors that have been found to contribute to accidents are having multiple teenagers in the car, texting and talking on the phone, and driving late at night. Parents may want to set up a pack with their young driver so that they understand the fundamentals of safe driving and are encouraged to adhere to them. The National Safety Council has created a sample contract called the New Driver Deal, that parents and teenagers can sign to help reinforce safe habits.

Many parents have considered putting a teen on their own policy, but it will be more expensive since the teen is benefiting from the parent’s credit score and driving record. All in all, teen driving is expensive, but will reduce as the driver gets more time on the road.

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